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Adding data to CAVATICA with DRS IDs

CAVATICA is a storage, sharing, and analysis platform designed by Seven Bridges. This tutorial shows how to add data to CAVATICA using DRS IDs obtained from the previous lesson. Please consult the CAVATICA Documentation for a full description of its features.




Click Yes, I authorize. to allow CAVATICA to view your Researcher Auth Service (RAS) information


Create a Project

Create a new project by clicking + Create Project. Provide a name and billing group then click Create.

Add files

Click the Files tab then click + Add files drop down menu select "GA4GH Data Repository Service (DRS)".


Enter the DRS identifiers (separated by a comma, enter, or tab) and click "Import" * (Follow the steps in the penultimate lesson to get 2 DRS identifiers) * drs:// * drs://

Wait for the import to finish then click Download to download a raw file locally confirm that it is the correct format.


Last update: June 24, 2022