Website Style Guide

This is a style guide for content on the CFDE training website.

Time Section About
5 mins 1. Website navigation How to navigate the website?
10 mins 2. General tutorial text style guide How are CFDE tutorials formatted?
10 mins 3. Tutorial components How are tutorial contents organized?
10 mins 4. Tutorial recordings style guide How to create vidlets or screencasts?
10 mins 5. Pangeo binder style guide How to create Pangeo binders?
5 mins 6. Practice repo style guide How to create a practice Github repo?
10 mins 7. Release Plan What is the tutorial review process? How often are new lessons added to the website?
5 mins 8. Template file How do I format my files?

To contribute to the CFDE's website, you must be onboarded to the CFDE. Contact us at for help if you're interested in contributing training materials!

Location of important files in the training Github repo:

├── mkdocs.yml
├── requirements.txt
├── .gitignore
├── docs/
    ├── .pages
    ├── images/
    ├── stylesheets
        ├── extra.css
    ├── templates
        ├── main.html
    ├── javascript
        ├── extra.js
        ├── medium-zoom.min.js
    ├── <tutorial-folders-go-here>
    ├── TrainingRepoReleasePlan

Last update: June 22, 2022