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The Setup

Our goal is to analyze existing Kids First data in new ways, or in new combinations, in order to improve medical outcomes. However, before we can start using the data, we need to do a lot of set up.

Why so much setup?

There are many rules and regulations about who can use human-derived medical data, and for what purposes. Even "open" human data has controls and simply indicates that there are fewer barriers to seeing it. Data curators like the Kids First DRC are obligated to enforce access controls and data use rules to the best of their ability, and that requires end users like us to have accounts that are tied to verified identities (e.g. ORCID or Google, eRA Commons).

Kids First uses their portal as a sort of catalog of their datasets, but the data is stored in Cavatica, a platform for doing data analysis in the cloud. We will need accounts for the Kids First DRC Portal and Cavatica in order to do an analysis.

Last update: August 9, 2021