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Exploring Data in the Portal

Now that all of our accounts are interconnected, let's actually explore the data.

What data is here?

The data at the Kids First DRC is from children with childhood cancer and structural birth defects or their family members. As of the end of 2020, the Kids First DRC maintains Whole Genome Sequences (WGS) and/or RNA-Seq data for over 13,000 individuals. However, data available on the Kids First Portal is not restricted to information about DNA and RNA. Using the portal you can access a wide range of data types including Histology Images, Pathology Reports, Radiology Images, Radiology Reports, Operation Reports, Annotated Somatic Mutations, Gene Fusions, Gene Expression, Somatic Copy Number Variations, and Isoform Expression.

Step 1: Get logged in to the Kids First DRC Portal

If you aren't still logged in to the Kids First Portal, navigate to and use the credentials you set up previously in this lesson to log in.

When you first log in, you will see this screen:

Kids First Dashboard

Step 2: Navigate to the Explore Data tab

Click on "Explore Data"

Go To Explore Data

You should now be on a page that looks like this:

Explore Data

Exploring the Data

It is important to get a sense of what data exists before we start filtering down and designing an experiment. This page gives us a set of seven interactive plots that display the overall data. You can impose filters on the data in two different ways:

  • By using the filter buttons
  • By clicking a graph component of any plot


Application of the filters via the graph of any plot allows for choice of one value. If you'd like to select values spanning multiple bars in a plot, use the filter buttons at the top of the page.

Last update: August 9, 2021