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YAML header:

Overview/landing pages must start with the yaml file header, e.g.,:

layout: page
title: <tutorial name> overview
   - toc
This sets the title of the previous and upcoming pages on the Mkdocs footer bar.

To ensure the contents occupy the full width of the page use:

  - toc

in the yaml format on top of the page.

Landing page title

  • Use the === under the titles for landing page.

Add a brief description of what the tutorial is about. If tutorial material was built from other sources, mention that here.

For multi-page tutorials only, add estimated time per section, lesson name, and description in a Markdown table:

Est. Time Lesson name Description
x mins Page title Formatted as a short phrase or question about the primary learning goal of each section
y mins Page title Shorter tutorials may have only one entry

Learning Objectives

The objective(s) of this tutorial are to:

  • objective 1

  • objective 2

For 1-page tutorials only, add a tabbed box for the "Est. Time" (it should be grouped with the prereqs and tutorial resources tabs, and as necessary, the estimated cost tab):

x mins


  • Operating system(s)
  • Required installations
  • Setup steps needed to complete the tutorial
  • list out resources with bullet points and include a hyperlink to the resource (e.g., vidlets, screencasts, example files, cheat sheets)

For longer tutorials that are split over multiple pages, start the next sections on a NEW page. Use the # header style on new pages.

Introduction (optional)

If more introductory material is needed beyond the brief description on the landing page, please add an introduction section.

Set Up (optional)

If more set up material is needed beyond the prerequisites section, please provide additional instructions in a Set Up section (e.g., on computer set up, software installations, and/or specific tutorial file downloads (may include linking to existing tutorials)).

Step 1: do this

Step 2: do that

Step 3: change this

Conclusion (optional)

If applicable, briefly sum up the tutorial key points as a bullet point list (it could be a recap of the learning objectives). In some cases, it may make sense to have a "Conclusion" section and in others, a "Key Points" admonition box is sufficient.

Use the admonition format:

Key Points

  • point1
  • point2

Last update: June 22, 2022