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Conda Command Cheat Sheet

Commonly used conda commands:

conda Description
conda create -n <conda env name> or conda create -n <conda env name> <software name> Create a new conda environment. You can include other flags to customize the environment more and install software in the conda environment. For example, conda create -n fastqc_env fastqc will install the FastQC program into a conda environment called fastqc_env.
conda env create -n <conda env name> -f <yaml file> Create a new conda environment using specifications from a yaml file. For example, conda env create -n test -f environment.yml.
conda install -y <software name> Install software in conda environment
conda activate <conda env name> Activate conda environment
conda deactivate Deactivate conda environment
conda info --envs or conda env list Both commands list conda environments, * will be next to the environment you are currently in
conda list -n <conda env name> List software installed in this conda environment. Or simply, conda list.
conda info Information about your conda environment
conda search <software name> Search for available software versions
conda env remove --name <conda env name> Remove a conda environment

Download the official conda cheat sheet for more commands

Last update: April 2, 2021